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Quick Overview:

Want to increase your Vertical Growing space? It's EASY-just select additional planter boxes for your VGS. The removable planting boxes are constructed with unfinished Cedar , have Dark Gray Plastic Liners and can be adjusted on the VGS to accommodate different plant heights. The rectangular 24" VGS Planter Box is a perfect way to add more GROwing space on your Vertical GRO System.

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Please note: You cannot order additional VG Planter Boxes wider that your VGS System. Example; If ordering the VGS-1858, you may only order VGB-20 or VGB-9 Boxes. However on the larger widths, you may order smaller size boxes. Example: if ordering a VGS-2458, you may order additional VGB-9, VGB-20 or the VGB-24 size boxes.

Include with each additional VG Planter Box:

  • 1 Unfinished Cedar Planter Box
  • 1 Heavy Duty Removable Plastic Liner
  • Square liners are Black and Rectangular liners are dark Gray



Product Dimensions Cubic Ft of Soil
VGB-8 8" Square X 9" Deep 0.33
VGB-20 20" Wide X 8" Deep X 5"High 0.33
VGB-24 26"Wide X 8"Deep X 5"High 0.44
VGB-32 32" Wide X 8"Deep X 5"High 0.5


Please note: Our VG Boxes are not free standing planters an are only applicable for the Vertical GRO Systems

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